In today’s increasingly digital world, there are a lot of unexpected changes. digicon world solutions provides the ability to engage effectively and supports you accurately with expertise and specialists for education (trainings and consulting) through the digicon Academy.


Today’s competitive market requires a high degree of innovation and creativity from the workforce – a requirement found not only in production, but also in the field of further education.

digicon Academy makes the highly-successful and manufacturing-proven knowledge and expertise of an OEM available to individuals and the industry through training programs.

digicon Academy is the platform that offers training and consulting services that are based on comprehensive experience and an exclusive toolset.

Our ability to provide support is based on our comprehensive understanding of all topics related to our area of focus: thermal processes and technology. We can provide your employees with qualifications specifically tailored to their high-level needs, enabling them to structure workflow and efficiently increase both quality and quantity – abilities that increase ROI and that directly benefit your company.

Our training program combines key success factors, including

  • 5S  - "Sort", "Set in Order", "Shine", "Standardize" and "Sustain"
  • TPM - Total Productive Maintenance
  • FTQ - First Time Quality
  • ROI - Return ON Invest
  • OEE - Overall Equipment Effectiveness
  • TCO - Total Cost of Ownership

The training we offer is specifically tailored to employees and job descriptions within the fields of aluminum, steel and copper base metals. It provides an excellent range of skills needed to address the daily challenges employees face in their jobs. Our training provide a wide range of know-how: different technologies, the complexity of heating technology, the hardening process, cold and hot stamping and QM/QS. Our trainers and consultants have exceptional and notable backgrounds in automotive and its processes. Their expertise is well known and most appreciated in the industry. Trainers and consultants employ innovative teaching methods to pass on their comprehensive and extensive knowledge and experience.

All training can be customized based on your input and specific needs.