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The automotive industry is currently undergoing a profound change. The transformation of the drive concepts to hybrid or pure electric variants is also having a significant impact on the body concepts. This is intensifying the existing trend towards greater individuality, being driven by customer requests, with a wide range of model varieties, some of which are oriented towards different markets.

In addition to increased development expenditure, cost pressure on OEMs and suppliers is also increasing, especially as the shift on an emphasis to new drive concepts and the integration of electronic assistance systems is also shifting cost shares in vehicle production. These additional expenses can only be passed on to the customer, to a limited extent.

This makes it even more important to use efficient production strategies and the intelligent use of affordable lightweight materials to reduce costs on the one hand, and to position competitive products on the market on the other. The focus of lightweight construction continues to play a fundamental role, also regarding the range problem of purely electric drive concepts.

In addition to the use of cost-effective lightweight materials such as AHSS & UHSS, high-strength aluminum alloys are also gaining in importance. As well known, a further potential for these materials can be exploited by appropriate thermo-mechanical treatment. A further strategy is the combination of individual components of an assembly to form a monolithic large component. Examples of this are fully integrated wheel arches that are in series production and are already being manufactured in large quantities using the die-casting process. Recent publications by Tesla clearly show the way to a significant reduction in the number of components in vehicle structures.

However, this is a complex problem, as quality features such as dimensional accuracy or service-friendliness in the event of damage must also be considered. Furthermore, the use of the correct material in the precise quantity and in the correct place is also a functionally dependent success factor for efficient lightweight construction This means that a wide variety of material properties must be taken into account in a highly integrated monolithic assembly.

The current situation with COVID 19 and its impact on business communication and industries has shown us once more how susceptible today's production systems and supply chains are to such crisis situations. As a result, it is immensely important to make and ensure that industrial companies more resilient and prepare them for strongly fluctuating product calls and short-term changes in the product portfolio. The digitalization of production processes plays a key role in this respect.

Our event includes presentations from various areas of the production of automotive body components and offers many exciting recommendations and ideas on the topics of cost reduction and sustainability in automotive production. We provide you with the concepts that you can apply directly to your production processes.


  • Franz M. Androsch (voestalpine AG, Linz, Austria)
  • Frank Schieck (Fraunhofer Institute IWU, Chemnitz, Germany)
  • Anna Schott (Fraunhofer IST, Braunschweig, Germany)
  • Eren Billur (Billur Metal Form, Ankara, Turkey)
  • Michael Selent (SELMATEC, Scharnebeck, Germany)
  • Christian Conrad (Fraunhofer IZFP, Saarbrucken, Germany)
  • Georgios Georgiadis (Excelix, Limassol, Cyprus)
  • Gerald Schulz (FAGOR Arrasate, Mondragon, Spain)
  • Oliver Straube (Gestamp, Ludwigsfelde, Germany)
  • Johannes Pfeifer (EBNER Industrieofenbau GmbH, Leonding, Austria)
  • Florian Gerstner (voestalpine, Schw. Gmünd, Germany)
  • Marius Kreuzeder (EBNER Industrieofenbau GmbH, Leonding, Austria)
  • Hannes Feuerhuber (weba, Dietach, Austria)
  • Wolfgang Scherleitner (Fronius International GmbH, Wels, Austria)
  • Thomas Kurz (voestalpine Stahl R&D, Linz, Austria)
  • Christian Rouet (voestalpine Stahl R&D, Linz, Austria)
  • Luca Valbuzzi (Saint-Gobain, Roedental, Germany)
  • Fritz Ebner (Meprotec, Machtrenk, Austria)
  • Daniel Minh Maier (Trumpf Laser, Ditzingen, Germany)
  • Florian Mayer (voestalpine Krems, Krems, Austria)
  • Bernd Santel ( GmbH, Hamburg, Germany)

DAY 1:

  • Strategic insights into OEM and global Tier1 suppliers
  • Explore current applications for AHSS & UHSS
  • Innovative costs strategies for pre- and post- process appliances
  • Comprehensive impulses for future applications in production
  • Authentic hands-on input
  • Valuable contacts with representatives of the worlds` leading OEMs and OEM- and equipment suppliers’ network

DAY 2:

On the second day of your event day you will have the opportunity to put your know-how into practice by participating in many exclusive hands-on trainings with:

  • voestalpine AG
  • EBNER Industrieofenbau
  • Impression Technologies Ltd.
  • Selmatec Systems
  • Fraunhofer IZFP
  • TECHAdvision
  • Fagor Arrasate
  • voestalpine PHS

Learn more about steel applications from voestalpine, furnace technology from EBNER Industrieofenbau, Vision Systems for Thermal & Visible Inspections from Selmatec Systems, and much, much more...


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DATE: 2021, Pune, India

India is the 4th biggest automaker and automotive market in the world. Although the market has been declining in the last year, forecasts still show that India will overtake Japan and become the 3rd largest market by 2022.

Increased emissions standard Bharat Stage 6 (BS6), electrification, safety concerns, all add up to weight and cost of the vehicles. Additional weight also causes higher consumption, in turn, decreases the demand.

Cost-efficient lightweighting could be a solution to all these problems. If vehicles could be built lighter, safer and in a more cost-effective manner, both the demand and the profitability could be increased. As European and North American markets have proven, efficient applications of advanced high strength steels (AHSS), ultra high strength steels (UHSS) and aluminum may reduce the weight with minimal cost increases. It may be even possible to save weight and cost at the same time.

At the 2 days “2nd Executive Summit - Cost Efficient Lightweighting & Efficient in Automotive Applications for AHSS & UHSS and Electrical Steel”, we will be discussing the new trends with speakers and participants from all over the spectrum. Our speakers range from raw materials suppliers to the OEM's and any link of the supply chain. As automotive world and supply chain is changing at a very high pace, it is essential to keep up with both the technological and business aspects.

Aim: Bringing together State of the Art and Future Challenges / Networking
Duration: 2 days

Venue First Day, (09:00 am – 06:00 pm): Hyatt Pune
Adjacent to Aga Khan Palace, 88 Nagar Road, Kalyani Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra, 411006, India
Come to network & socialize and hear about the latest research at the Hyatt Pune. On the first day, you will learn from very exclusive presenters from OEMs, EBNER Furnaces, expand knowledge and find solutions to problems in your daily business. Meet specialist within their focus, learn beyond own field or interest and engage in high-level debates during the real live training, on the second day.

Venue Second Day, (09:00 am – 02:30 pm): Gestamp Pune Automotive Pvt. Ltd
Gate 374, 517-521 & 523, Takawe Bk, Maharashtra, 412106, India
Come with us to visit the Gestamp Pune Automotive Pvt. Ltd plant, on the second day. Join us to gain valuable inputs in the Press Hardening Technology (PHT) and experience individual hands-on trainings with Dr. Eren Billur, Billur Metal Form, Ankara, Turkey, Frank Schieck, Fraunhofer Institute IWU, Chemnitz, Germany, Michael Selent, Selmatec, Germany and learn where the tripping points of implementation and processes can be identified. Learn from the specialists and experience additional know-how of what TIER1 suppliers do to put into place, manufacturing practice and routine in their processes to fulfill their accountabilities.


Partners & Speakers

• Fraunhofer Institute IWU, Chemnitz, Germany
• Billur Metal Form, Ankara, Turkey
• EBNER, Linz, Austria
• SELMATEC, Scharnebeck, Germany
• Fagor, Arrasate, Spain
• GESTAMP, Pune, India
• TRUMPF Lasersystems, Ditzingen Germany

Many more companies (OEMs, Tier1 and Scientific Boards) from India to be confirmed.


For automotive industry, there is a huge variety of sheet metal steel grades. This training gives an introduction to sheet steel grades: draw quality, (conventional) high strength steels (HSS) and advanced high strength steels (AHSS). The latter has three generations and includes the hot forming steels (commonly known as PHS).
There are several steel standards around the globe, defining and describing the chemical and mechanical limits of steel grades. It is essential to understand how a steel’s name tells us its properties and field of application.

Training program:

Sheet metal steel families (1:30 hrs)

• Draw Quality steels: low-carbon, IF, ultra-low-carbon
• (Conventional) high strength steels: Bake hardenable, HSLA, CMn, HS-IF
• Advanced high strength steels: dual-phase, TRIP, complex-phase, PHS, martensitic, TWIP, TBF, Q&P

Sheet metal standards (1:30 hrs)

• EN, SAE, VDA and OEM standards for the steel families explained in the first lecture