Since we have had to change the way we learn; the way we work; the way we administrate and the way we do business online training give an opportunity to continue and not miss an opportunity to keep on learning.

digicon has developed some of the unique PHS trainings as live online training to continue to support and meet your training needs.

With our online trainings, we can continue to support your employees, and yourselves with further education during the time of the shutdown.

Unfortunately, we cannot apply the hands-on part during E-Learning, but we will give and show you real live examples.

Our theoretical training is not only effective but is also distinguished within this field. Training modules are offered for materials, heating methods, forming, process know-how, tooling and measurement, as well for testing technologies. Our innovative and dedicated trainers provide expanded content and in-depth courses where you ask your questions and discuss them with the training group and the experts.

Level 1 - BASIC TRAINING (Online)

Level 2 - ADVANCED TRAINING (Online)

Level 3 - EXPERT TRAINING (Online)